Recent Work Highlights

At the New York Comic Con in Manhattan, star Frankie Muniz and director Joe Eckardt promote their film, "Pizza Man"—also starring: Shelley Long, Stan Lee, Diamond Dallas Page, Rowdy Roddy Piper, David H. Lawrence XVII, Michael Gross, Leonard Roberts, Corbin Bernsen, Noah Gray-Cabey, Ashley Parker Angel.

Here at Uncommon Sound we are proud of our sound design and mix for this feature film. We're excited to see it in theaters soon.

We are happy to announce a new album by Pongo Face—available on iTunes, Amazon or direct from us here.

Days Outstanding marks the debut of Pongo Face. As a contemporary alternative music machine, Pongo Face combines world and new age elements to create a landscaped musical story, reminiscent of an independent film soundtrack. The music was composed, recorded and produced by Patrick Sasso at Uncommon Sound in NYC.

Uncommon Sound is working with Pharmaceutical Executive and Loop Seven to develop the music and sound for a special format show for pharma execs called Pharma Face Off. To hear our work in progress click here.


Yitzy: Bound for Festial Circuit with Original Score

rock on films with uncommon sound music

see the result

SUBJECT: Yitzy, Short Film Starring Alexis Suarez and Jason Mewes

NEED: An original score in the syle of 70's funk—with a modern twist

Narcissistic Latino actor Manny Ramirez (Suarez) finally gets his big break audition, and he couldn't be happier. But the arrival of a baby on his doorstep threatens to destroy his destiny of becoming a big soap star.

Composer Patrick Sasso responds with a swanky-funk-rich swath of cool. :)


Toddler's Yoga Video Shines with Original Score

tuesday's at ten

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SUBJECT: NYC-based Tuesday's at Ten produces Tot Yoga and wants a new approach to the music for a DVD of this kind

NEED: A unique musical score with some sound design that won't compete with the instructional aspect of the video

TOT YOGA is the innovation of Khadi Madama, a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and an IAYT, Yoga Therapist who is a pioneer in the field of applied therapeutic yoga, and hostess of the television show, Yours Truly Yoga. Uncommon Sound was asked to produce what essentially became an original score that fit beautifully with the scope of the overall production. The music was composed by Patrick Sasso.


Educated & Entertained by a Unique Classical Score

Uncommon Sound music on Metrobaby Manhattan

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SUBJECT: Metrobaby, Teaching street safety to children from preschool to early grade school.

NEED: An affordable musical score that would be educational and soothing

The executive producer of this video hired us to come up with a musical score that wouldn't go over budget, but that would be sophisticated enough to present a polished and satisying experience for both children and adults. The result was a completely fresh delivery of unique classical selections played by a talented NYC string quartet. We also scored some unique musical elements, to enhance the visual transitions.


Keeping History Alive at The Merchant's House Museum

merchant's house logo

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SUBJECT: The Merchant's House Museum

NEED: To preserve the unique original sound of the 150 year-old pianoforte and harmonium

This beautiful Mew York City landmark museum is all about preservation. But what happens when you have a piano that—if perpetually kept in tune and maintained—could end up being completely useless? Well, you tune it once and recorded it in the best way possible—street noise and all!

Check out some of the recordings from this early Sunday morning session in downtown Manhattan.


Audio Book Summaries


SUBJECT: getAbstract

NEED: Fully produced audio book abstracts: from casting to compression

GetAbstract is a progressive multi-media Swiss corporation that specializes in delivering entertaining and informative summaries from the world's best-selling business books—all in less than 10 minutes.

Uncommon Sound does the casting, recording and assembly, and then compresses them into high quality mp3's of only 5mb each — at a pace of 10 per week!


Corporate Training



NEED: Produce engaging multi-lingual audio recordings for employee and equipment training

When an international manufacturer like Bosch requests a voiceover recording of a script for their product training, they usually ask for it in 10 to 15 different languages.

Uncommon Sound gathers a diverse group of voiceover talents from around the world, recording them in our studios to get the job done on time and within budget—it's great to be in NYC!


PR & Communications


euro rscg move free: watch the video


NEED: A viral video with original dance music for a cross-country tour promoting a celebrity-supported vitamin supplement

Euro-RSCG—one of the largest European communications companies—needed to promote a product targeted to seniors with joint pain. Jane Seymour was already their spokesperson, and they needed something to "supplement" her. They had this idea to form a dance-craze, as a way of promoting good joint health. Uncommon Sound co-wrote and produced the dance hit with celebrity choreographer Johnnie P and then produced a series of instructional videos that were used to get the dancers excited. It worked!